3 Things To Do When Your Car Gets Scratched

7 October 2017
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Keeping your vehicle looking nice can be challenging. As you drive your car down the road each day, flying debris and careless drivers can leave scratches behind on the surface of your vehicle. Addressing a scratched car is important, so it's vital that you know what to do when you see a scratch in your vehicle's surface.

Here are three steps that you should take when your car gets scratched in the future:

1. Identify the type of scratch.

Before you can invest in repairs for your scratched paint job, you need to know what type of scratch you are dealing with. The most minor type of scratches are considered surface scratches.

These scratches can be difficult to see because they only penetrate your vehicle's clear coat. The actual paint remains intact. If you can see a visible disruption in your car's paint job, the scratch is more serious and will require immediate repair.

2. Protect the scratched area from further damage.

If you have to wait to get your vehicle into an auto body repair shop for repairs once you notice a scratch, it's important that you take action to protect the scratched area from further damage. Your vehicle's paint and clear coat work to keep moisture from coming into contact with the metal frame of your vehicle.

An intact paint job can prevent rust from forming on your vehicle, compromising the structural integrity of its frame. To keep moisture from getting into a scratch, try coating the scratched area with a thin layer of wax or using a scratch pen to cover the damage. Re-apply as necessary to keep the scratched area clean and dry while you wait to get into a reputable body shop for repairs.

3. Notify your insurance company.

If you have already met your insurance deductible, you may be eligible to have your scratch repaired at no additional cost. Notifying your insurance company that your vehicle has been scratched will allow you to determine your payment options.

Your insurance agent may recommend a reputable body shop that can quickly and effectively repair your scratched car, ensuring that a damaged paint job doesn't leave you without access to a vehicle for an extended period of time.

Knowing how to take action when your vehicle gets scratched will allow you to prevent this minor type of damage from becoming a major problem. Identify the type of scratch, protect the area from further damage, and work with your insurance company to get the scratch repaired.