How To Quickly Fix A Tear In Your Convertible Top

19 November 2017
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If you have noticed that your convertible top has a little tear in it, you need to take care of it right away. Leaving the tear untreated will cause the tear to spread and cause further damage to the top of your vehicle. You can fix up your convertible top with a soft-top repair kit.

#1 Clean The Area

First, you need to clean the damaged area. To clean the damaged area, use a cleaning solution of isopropyl alcohol. Put a little on a cloth, and then use the cloth to wipe the area clean. You want to clean the damaged area of the soft top in order to remove any dirt from the area as well as any body oils that you may have transferred to the area through touching and inspecting the tear in your convertible top.

It is important for the area to be clean. The area needs to be clean for the new patch to adhere properly to your convertible top.

#2 Clean Up the Tear

Second, you need to clean up the tear. You want the area to be smooth and clean. Use a pair of scissors to fray the edges of the tear. Do not cut away too much; you only want to clean the area up in order to make it easier to adhere the patch. Be careful to just cut away the frayed material from the damaged area. Take your time to clean up the tear.

#3 Cut The Repair Patch

You want the repair patch to extend over the tear at least an inch. You need the repair patch to extend over the edge of the tear so that it adheres to the in-tact material on your convertible top. But you don't need the patch to be much larger than that.

If the patch is really large, you may want to measure out the tear area. You are going to want to then use those measurements to help you cut the patch down to size. As you cut the repair patch down to size, make sure that you round the corners of the patch. Rounding the corners will help ensure that the patch doesn't get pulled up or damaged.

#4 Apply The Repair Patch

Take the adhesive, and apply the adhesive to the patched area. Make sure that you apply the adhesive all around the tear as well as around the edges. Then, take the patch and apply it to the tear. As you apply it, make sure that you bring the edges of the tear together. Smooth out the patch and make sure that there are no bubbles on the patch.

Once the patch is applied, give the patch time to cure. You shouldn't drive your car for at least a day so that the patch will adhere properly and will not get ripped off by the wind when you drive. If you are unable to patch the top, look for a new one on websites like