3 Tips For Getting An Auto Collision Repair Quote After An Accident

23 August 2018
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After an accident, your first goal might be to make sure that you and any other people who were involved are okay and are able to get the necessary medical attention that they need. Your next thought might be about the damage to your car. You'll probably want to take your car to an auto collision repair shop right away to get a quote and to get the ball rolling on any repairs that need to be done. Here's some information that can help you with the process of getting a quote.

1. Make Sure a Thorough Inspection is Done

You might have heard of the option of getting an auto repair quote over the phone or online. Even though sending a few pictures and having someone look at them might be enough to get a basic quote when you're just dealing with a little bit of surface damage, such as some minor door dings or surface scratches, this probably isn't the best thing to do when you've been in an accident.

Damage might be a lot more serious than it appears on the surface, and you'll want to make sure that all of the necessary repairs are done both for the value and appearance of your car and your safety when you drive it after it's been repaired. Therefore, make sure that anyone who looks at it and gives you a quote takes a good, thorough look at it before giving you an estimate.

2. Get Quotes From More Than One Repair Shop

It's always a good idea to inquire at a few different collision repair shops to see what they'll charge. Don't go with a quote if it's significantly lower than what everyone else is offering, or the work might show it. You won't want to choose the shop that's most expensive, either. Finding a shop that falls somewhere in the middle and is known for doing good work is best.

3. Expect for an Insurance Adjuster to Assess the Damage, Too

Even though you will want to have repair quotes done by auto collision repair shops, you should expect for someone from the insurance company to want to come out and take a look at the damage to the vehicle, too. If the estimate that he or she gives seems lower than what you were told by the technicians at a collision repair shop, make sure that you share this information. If the adjuster claims that the damage isn't as significant as it really is, you might have trouble getting the insurance company to cover all of the repairs.

For more information, contact your local collision repair service.