Six Things To Be Aware Of Regarding Certified Auto Body Repairs

7 August 2020
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Having quality repairs performed on a vehicle damaged in an accident is essential. One thing you can look out for when searching for a body shop is one that is certified to offer repairs for your vehicle model.

The following are six things to be aware of regarding certified auto body repairs. 

Generally, "certified" implies that an auto body mechanic has received training specific to the vehicle manufacturer.

Every vehicle model is different. That's why it's important to have your car repaired by a technician who is specifically familiar with your vehicle model.

If a technician is certified, it usually means the technician has undergone training specified by the manufacturer of a particular type of vehicle. This ensures the necessary expertise for the highest quality repairs. 

Certification often requires that shops have certain types of equipment available.

When an auto body repair shop is certified, it doesn't just mean that technicians have received specialized training. It often also means that the shop's equipment meets certain specifications to ensure higher precision in the work the shop performs. 

There are different possible certifications that auto body repair shops can have.

Certification requirements vary depending on the manufacturer or other factors. A few certification types to be aware of include ASE certification and I-CAR Gold Class certification. Another type of certification is the approval of a repair shop by the Automobile Association of America. 

You can have greater confidence and peace of mind in auto body repairs that are certified.

If you want the best quality repairs available, you definitely want to look out for an auto body shop that is certified. You can have more confidence and peace of mind in certified repairs because they offer a certain standard that you can depend on. 

Certified repairs become increasingly more important as cars become more technologically advanced and complicated.

Another important reason to look out for a certified auto body shop is that technology has made body repairs after an accident resulting in extensive damage more complicated.

Technicians need to understand the unique workings of complex computerized systems specific to certain vehicle models, so the training and equipment required for certification are important for dependable work.

You have the freedom to select a certified auto body repair shop even if your auto insurance company doesn't include one on its list.

If a certified shop is not specifically listed by your insurance company after a claim, you should be aware of the fact that you have the freedom to choose a certified shop if you so choose.

Your insurance company cannot specify the shop that body repairs are performed at, so you're free to choose a certified repair shop and use insurance funds from your accident claim at that shop.