Want To Save Money On Auto Body Repair? Try These Tips

7 March 2019
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If you own a vehicle that has seen better days and is in need of some auto body repair, you may start to wonder how much it is going to cost you and whether you can afford it. If that is the case, you should take a little time to review the following tips. This way, you can get the body of your vehicle fixed up and save a little money while doing it. Read More 

Ready For Hunting Season? How To Get Your Truck Ready For Cold Winter Weater

22 October 2018
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Winter is approaching quickly. If you own a truck, it's time to make sure that it's ready for the weather change. This is particularly important if you take your truck out into the woods for hunting. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because your truck wasn't ready for the cold weather. Proper winterization of your truck will ensure that it's ready to go where you need it to go – and get you back home again at the end of the day. Read More 

3 Tips For Getting An Auto Collision Repair Quote After An Accident

23 August 2018
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After an accident, your first goal might be to make sure that you and any other people who were involved are okay and are able to get the necessary medical attention that they need. Your next thought might be about the damage to your car. You'll probably want to take your car to an auto collision repair shop right away to get a quote and to get the ball rolling on any repairs that need to be done. Read More 

How To Stop Paint Chips Before They Rust

27 June 2018
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The key to repairing paint chips in your auto body is to fix them before they start to rust. Once rust starts to form on your car, it can literally create a hole that will just keep growing and growing if left unchecked. Rust is usually more pronounced and harder to control in areas where it is moist, and particularly in regions close to the ocean. Salty air is auto paint's worst enemy. Read More 

Meet Your Car’s Enemies

2 May 2018
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When it comes to keeping your car looking great, you want to be sure you recognize your car's enemies. These will be the things that can damage your car's appearance. Some of these enemies are obvious, while others can be a bit sneakier. It's the ones that you don't really pay much attention to that can do the most damage, because you won't be watching out for them. Here are some common car enemies you want to guard your car against. Read More