Meet Your Car's Enemies

2 May 2018
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When it comes to keeping your car looking great, you want to be sure you recognize your car's enemies. These will be the things that can damage your car's appearance. Some of these enemies are obvious, while others can be a bit sneakier. It's the ones that you don't really pay much attention to that can do the most damage, because you won't be watching out for them. Here are some common car enemies you want to guard your car against.

Hail – When you start to hear that clicking and tapping noise against the windows and roof of your home, it can be easy to feel like a little kid and want to watch out the window in amazement. Or, you may even want to put your shoes on and go outside to try to catch some of it on your tongue. However, what you should be doing is pulling your car into the garage, if it isn't already. If you can't get it in the garage, then you should at least move it under a full tree which will help to block it from a lot of the hail. Big hail balls can be very damaging to a car. Not only can they leave dents in the car and mess up the paint, but if they are large enough then they can even break the windshield.

Shopping carts – You would like to think that when you park your car in the parking lot of your local store, people would be respectful, return the carts to the appropriate place and make sure they didn't allow them to touch anyone's cars. However, many cars are driving around with proof that a lot of people just really aren't that careful or conscientious. To protect your car from shopping cart dings you should avoid parking near the cart return area and try parking a bit further out in the parking lot, where fewer people go.

Mad people and their keys – Another thing you need to watch for when it comes to parking in parking lots is not making people mad. While you may not see the problem with taking up two spots or parking too close to the person next to you so they have to struggle to get into their car, others may have a huge issue with these things. It's not uncommon for people to get mad at someone's parking job and dig their key into the side of the car, leaving a huge scratch in the paint. So, the next time you feel like being careless with the way you park, you should think again.

Falling pine cones, nuts, and fruits – While there are benefits from parking under certain trees, such as enjoying getting back into a cool car, there are definite drawbacks to parking under certain types of trees. You want to refrain from parking your car under any trees that may drop pine cones, hard nuts or fruit onto your car which can scratch the paint or even dent the car.

For more information, contact your local auto glass repair service.