How To Stop Paint Chips Before They Rust

27 June 2018
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The key to repairing paint chips in your auto body is to fix them before they start to rust. Once rust starts to form on your car, it can literally create a hole that will just keep growing and growing if left unchecked.

Rust is usually more pronounced and harder to control in areas where it is moist, and particularly in regions close to the ocean. Salty air is auto paint's worst enemy. But, even if your paint chips do you have a little bit of rust on them, it is usually surprisingly simple to get rid of the rust and fill the chip yourself. This article explains how you can use a few basic tools to examine your car body and fix the paint chips that need fixing.

Maintaining the Clear Coat

Paint chips on the top or flat surfaces of your car are usually the most vulnerable. These chips form and become larger because there is a better chance of standing water soaking into them. Often, paint chips are so subtle that there is no actual change in the color, it is just the clear coat outside of the paint that gets chipped off. 

If you have clear flakes peeling off of your paint, it is only a matter of time before the paint also starts to wear off. The clear coat is very vital when it comes to protecting your paint from scratching and fading. In these areas, you just need to apply a new a layer of clear coat over the paint. Clear coat comes in spray form.

Repainting Chipped Spots

If there are areas where the paint is actually chipped off, and you can actually see the color of the metal underneath, you need to buy replacement paint from the dealership and fix it as soon as possible. Replacement paint comes in spray cans and smaller touch-up bottles. The bottles are what you need for small paint chips. Simply use a Q-tip or toothpick to spread the touch-up paint into the chip. Then, you can go over it with a clear coat. If your chip has rust as well, you will need to go a step further and used auto body sandpaper, as well as a little bit of body filler to remove the rust and fill in the hole afterward.

It is not that hard to repair most paint chips, but it is always nice to find and fix the problem before rust starts to form. For more information, contact a company like High Point Body & Paint.