5 Things You Will See Done When You Have Your Car Professionally Detailed

25 November 2019
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There are few things quite as pleasing as a really clean vehicle that looks just like it did the day you bought it, but few automobile owners can achieve this on their own. Here is a look at five things you can expect to see when you pick up your car from an auto detailing shop.

1. The bits caught between the windshield and dash will be gone. 

Everyone manages to get some dead bugs or bits of trash up between the windshield and the dash because the area is so slim that it is hard to get in there with a regular vacuum. The auto detailing shop has special equipment that is designed to reach into these tight spots and retrieve the ugly bits so you won't find them there when you get back in your vehicle. 

2. The fuzzies on carpeted flooring will be removed. 

Over the years and with all the foot traffic, your carpet can generate fuzzballs just like your favorite sweater or the carpet flooring in your house. Using fabric shavers and strong vacuums, the auto detailing technicians will remove this lint so that your carpet looks fresh and new. In addition, the carpeting will get a good deep cleaning. 

3. Your tires will be shiny and polished. 

Tires are actually a shiny black when they are brand-new, but they lose that look rather quickly when you get on the highway. Car detailers use a special tire polishing agent to restore that like-new shine that made your car look so good with new tires. Likewise, they will get all the brake dust and grime off of the rims or wheels. 

4. Your car's air vents will no longer be dusty. 

Your air vents can accumulate a lot of dust. All those tiny particles that manage to get into your interior vehicle environment somehow tend to settle here, and it can be so difficult to get to the pesky debris when you are cleaning on your own. When you have your car detailed, the pro will actually disassemble the vents if they need to in order to get all of that dust out. 

5. Small stains will be removed from cloth seats. 

That spot where you spilled your coffee and that accidental stray pen mark on your seat will likely be gone. The auto detail professionals will go to great lengths to remove these kinds of blemishes so your car's seats look more like new. 

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