Car Body Repair: The Five Main Stages

13 May 2020
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Whether it is just a door ding or an accident, any time that your vehicle sustains damage you can leave it at a car body repair shop so that it can be repaired. When you go to pick it up later, it should look good as new. However, if you have never had to take your vehicle to the body repair shop, you may not know what the repair process entails. Keep reading to learn the various stages of the auto body repair process.

The Estimate

An estimate, or quote, provides you with the anticipated cost of automobile repairs. Once your vehicle arrives at the auto body shop, the technicians will take pictures and perform a visual inspection of the vehicle to properly assess the damage. This information is sent to the insurance company to ensure that the estimate has evidence to support it. The technicians may also use computer systems to assist them in providing a more accurate estimate.

The Dismantling and Ordering of Parts

Both the insurance company and you will need to sign off on your vehicle being disassembled and any parts being ordered for the vehicle. Technicians will then be able to view any damage that may have been hidden and schedule the necessary repairs. As soon as the parts come in, the body repair shop will be able to begin the repair stage.

The Repairs

Technicians often use an electronic measuring system to show how an automobile is able to be transformed back to its original specifications as stated by the manufacturer. For instance, this system can certify that the frame is solid and that the wheels are properly aligned. Once that the mechanical and structural repairs have been done, the body can be straightened and prepared for painting.

The Painting and Reassembly

Each auto part is sanded, primed, and then sprayed with a base or color coat. Finally, the parts are covered with a clear coat. The auto parts are then cured to ensure a finish that is glossy and pristine. As soon as the paint has dried thoroughly, the parts will be reassembled onto the vehicle and the electrical systems will all be reattached. A technician will take the vehicle for a test drive to see if there are any issues with the engine, windows, doors, locks, etc.

The Detailing and Inspection

The exterior of the vehicle is washed and polished, while the interior of the vehicle undergoes a deep clean. All the lights, electrical systems, and safety systems undergo a thorough inspection as well. During this stage, a technician may give the vehicle a test drive again. The car body repair shop will provide you with a detailed list of the repairs that were performed as well as a total cost. Prior to leaving the shop, take the time to check the vehicle for any signs of imperfections.

If your vehicle is in need of auto body repairs, contact a car body repair shop near you.