Car Window Tint 101: Things You Need To Consider

18 June 2021
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One of the most popular vehicle customizations is tinting the windows. Car owners opt for tinted windows for a lot of reasons, including protecting the interior from sun fading, protecting themselves from ultraviolet rays, and enhancing the privacy inside the car. If you've recently bought a car and you're thinking about tinting the windows, there are a few things that you need to know. Here's a look at some of the things you should consider when you're thinking about tinting your car's windows.

How Is Tint Rated?

Before you can even consider tinting your windows, you need to understand the mechanics of the tint itself. When you start looking at window tint, you'll see that it's rated in percentages. Understanding what those percentages mean is the first step toward getting the film that's right for your ultimate goals.

The percentage rating on window film refers to the amount of light that the film allows to pass through. For example, a 50-percent window tint will allow 50 percent of light to pass through the windows. You can find window tint ratings as low as 5 percent.

How Low Can You Go?

Understanding the window tint ratings is the first step, but you also need to know how dark you can legally tint your windows. The lower the rating on the tint, the darker the tint will be. In most states, there are laws that dictate how dark your tint can legally be. In some cases, you can apply darker tint on the rear windows than you can on the front.

Make sure that you review your state's window tint regulations or talk with a car window tinting professional before you buy any tint for your car's windows. That way, you can be sure that the film you choose is legally permissible in your state. Otherwise, law enforcement may force you to remove it.

Is Your Glass Already Tinted?

Another important thing to think about before you apply window tint is whether or not your car's windows have any tint present from the factory. Many manufacturers put a small amount of tint on car windows, and that tint must be considered when you apply additional window film. Your window tinting contractor can test your car's window glass to determine the level of visible light transfer so that you can account for any present tint on the glass when you apply your new window film.

Tinting your car's windows can enhance its appearance as well as the comfort level inside the car. Talk with a car window tinting professional near you today for more help and information.