Answers To Your Top 5 Questions About Auto Glass Replacement

25 July 2022
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If your car has damaged glass, then you may be thinking of replacing it. Chances are you have a few questions about the process, and the following answers can help.

1. When Should a Windshield Be Replaced?

Not all auto glass damage requires a replacement. Small chips and cracks can sometimes be repaired with a clear fill material. This is usually an option if the chip is smaller than a fifty-cent piece or the crack is less than 3 inches or so in length. Replacement is still recommended, though, if the damage is right in the driver's line of sight or if it is near the edge of the glass.

2. Are There Other Concerns With Replacement?

Sometimes more than the glass needs to be repaired. If the broken glass is in a door, then motorized window openers may be damaged as well. In this case, they will require repair or replacement. Or, other automatic sensors may require replacement, such as moisture sensors for windshield wipers or heating cables for self-defrosting windows. There may also be a need to tint the replacement glass to match the rest of the windows in the car.

3. What Should You Expect During Replacement?

Auto glass replacements are relatively straightforward. Any seals around the damaged windshield are removed or loosened, then the glass is safely anchored with suction cups as it is lifted out. Door glass may require the removal of the interior door panels to remove glass and debris. The new glass is fitted into place and resealed. Any seals are then cured to ensure the glass is secure and free of leaks.

4. Can the Service Come to the Car?

In some cases, it can be difficult to get down to a collision center for a glass replacement, especially if you can't do without your car for several hours. Some glass shops offer mobile services that come to you, whether that's at your home or at the office. Just keep in mind that mobile services may be more limited than in-shop services, so verify that they can perform whatever repairs you need before scheduling.

5. Will the Service Clean Up the Mess?

If the glass shattered due to a collision or a vehicle break-in, then there will likely be shards everywhere. Glass can get into the upholstery and under the seats, as well as become trapped in the dashboard or door panels. Your glass replacement service will take the time to remove all glass shards, even if it means disassembling a door or removing a seat to get to them all. 

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