Auto Body Painting: Do You Need One?

16 January 2023
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Excellent paintwork keeps your car looking new and sleek. Besides that, it protects the vehicle from rust and damaging environmental elements. However, few vehicle owners pay attention to their vehicle's paint jobs. And while there's no defined time to take your vehicle for auto body painting, you should be on the lookout for signs indicating that your car needs a fresh coat of paint. Here is an in-depth look at some instances that warrant a new paint job. 

The Vehicle Has Had a Recent Crash 

Most times, accidents scrap off the paint on the cars involved. Based on the nature of the accident, your car may suffer minor to major scratches and dings. Over time, the exterior paint may start bubbling or chipping. These issues may leave the vehicle's auto body vulnerable to rusting. Therefore, inspecting your car for scratches and dings after an accident is advisable. Then, you should plan for a new paint job if needed.

There Is Evident Fading of the Paint

Fading of a vehicle's paint coating is expected with time. With repeated exposure of the car to the sun and the elements, the paint job will gradually fade away. In addition, poor maintenance practices like failing to wax the car regularly accelerate fading. Furthermore, allowing dirt or grime to accumulate without washing it off can affect your vehicle's original paintwork. 

The Existing Clear Coat or Paint Is Peeling

This is another obvious sign that your car needs a new paint job. Aside from fading, you may notice the existing paint peeling off with time. This issue mostly occurs because of the weathering process. Usually, you will see discoloration and bubbles in different parts of your car when the clear coat starts peeling off. In addition, continued peeling will eventually cause the base coat to fail and expose your vehicle to further damage. Therefore, plan for a paint job as soon as you encounter these issues.

The Bodywork Is Showing Signs of Rusting

If your car has visible signs of rust, it may be time for some fresh paint. Mostly, you will notice rust in the colder months, where the effect of snow and the salt used to treat it can quickly cause rusting. And if your car has been sitting idle for a long time without a wash, you can expect some rust issues. 

A new paint job can significantly transform your vehicle's appearance. What's more, it will protect the bodywork against damage by external elements. Therefore, schedule an appointment with an auto body shop when you notice these signs.

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