4 Signs You Should Add Windows Tinting To A Vehicle

17 April 2023
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Window tinting can make a huge difference in a car. You might wonder if your vehicle needs tinted windows or not. These four signs will tell you whether it's time to consider tinting them.

Parking in a Sunny Spot

Even if the car takes a beating for just part of the day, the sun can bake it. The air conditioner can make up some of the gaps, but you may have to run it uncomfortably hard to achieve livable conditions. That is particularly true if the car has leather seats because they can hold heat for a very long time. Also, some cars don't have great venting under the seats so all the cool air comes directly at you. Cooling the compartment can be difficult when the system mostly cools the driver.

Cracked Interior Features

UV rays do lots of damage to all kinds of surfaces. Plastics do especially poorly in the sun, for example. Also, some lighter metals have protective coatings that'll crack due to excessive UV exposure. Other materials like leather also can dry out and crack due to UV rays. Fortunately, window tinting can delay the process by reducing the amount of UV light that gets into the car's interior.

Blinding Lights

Sunlight and even artificial light can temporarily blind you at inopportune times while you're driving. Folks who commute to work at times close to either sundown or sunup know the feeling. It is worse than an annoyance, though. Blinding light can create a road hazard if you struggle to identify pedestrians, animals, or other vehicles while the light is hitting the windshield.

Notably, windshield tint has some limitations. States typically limit how close to the driver's field of view it can get. Every little bit helps, though. Even a band of a few inches near the visors can make a huge difference in road visibility in bright lights. Also, tinting in the rear window can keep light from bouncing off the mirror and blinding you.

Medical Conditions

Some people have medical conditions that make even everyday lighting conditions unbearable. If you have a medical condition that affects how you handle light, window tinting can make a major difference.

Also, the law might not limit you to a certain range of tinting if your condition is severe. Many states allow people to obtain prescriptions from their doctors. A prescription may permit you to apply darker window tinting than the law normally allows.

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